History - Click or slide through the years

Foundation of the Company Firma Paul Heinrichs Apparatebau OHG in Düsseldorf
Moving of the Company to Cologne, production of Variable Area Flowmeters with glass cone and Flap Flow
Renaming to Josef Heinrichs Messtechnik
Production of Variable Area Flowmeters with glass and metal cone
Production of Level Meter and Full Metal Variable Area Flowmeters with output signal (pneumatic and electronic)
Serial production of Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters
Design of Coriolis Mass Flowmeters in Stainless Steel
Company take-over through Mr. Buschmann
Design of Coriolis Mass Flowmeters in special materials like Tantalum, Hastelloy and Glass
Integration of the Company into the IWKA-Group
Design of a micro processor based transmitter with HART® and PROFIBUS-Communication for Coriolis Mass Flowmeters and Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters
Design of a new Coriolis Mass Flowmeter series TMU and a new Variable Area Flowmeter series V30
Design of the first Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for high pressurized hydrogen for 500 bar filling applications.
Integration of Heinrichs Messtechnik GmbH into the Kobold Group
Serial production of the world´s first Variable Area Flow Meters with compact Foundation Fieldbus® transmitter.
Design of the first Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for filling application for hydrogen fuel cell systems up to 1000 bar.

Since more than 100 years we design measuring instruments for our customers. Worldwide and daily in countless applications we provide our know-how for our customers and thus we contribute a big part of reliability and accuracy for their plants and machines. Each detail in our instruments is the amount of experience of decades and serves always the scope of improvement of the efficiency of the instruments and for the safety of in your applications.

From the beginnings up to now Heinrichs Messtechnik attended e.g. the development of the explosion protections guidelines nationwide as well as worldwide and offers knowledge and support for the arrangement of norms and standards in particular for flow meters.

With instruments from Heinrichs Messtechnik you have decided for top products MADE IN GERMANY.