Welcome to the purchase department of Heinrichs Kobold Messtechnik

Fundamentals of purchasing

A central part of the activities of Heinrichs will be the purchasing The purchasing department is responsible for the procurement of all purchasing materials and services, with best condition and minimal risk, for the Heinrichs Company

Principles of Heinrichs purchasing

  • The possibility of the international purchasing will use under the aspect of the requirements of Heinrichs Messtechnik will all benefits With our supplier we cultivate a friendship and will respect them as partners
  • Every business process will be confidential for suppliers and also we set value on confidentially of our suppliers
  • Objectivity and incorruptness is the base of our business
  • From our supplier we expect high quality, certificate of quality, active cooperation and innovation together on our requirements, international strategic
  • For the demand and duties of our products and last but not least for our customers , some supplier need absolutely Lloyd`s register certificate also most of our material need `s certificate with different specific demands according to certificate 3.1 to EN 10204:2004

Most of our procurement and our demands will be

  • Different Flange in all quality, different raw material and dimensions
  • Different tubes in high quality and precision, in different raw materials an dimensions
  • Parts of drawing of mechanical and electronical materials, different castings, also as service or wagework
  • C-article also as Kanban
  • Officematerial, Tools for production and factory, service for building and office

If you find your company in this page and you can perform all our demand , do not hesitate to contact us. Go with us our success and economic way in a very interesting and ambitious sector of industry.


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